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Somaek pays homage to the cuisine Bissonnette fell in love with while cooking with his mother-in-law, Soon Han—so much so that she is officially titled as the restaurant’s consulting chef. The menu, written in both Korean and English, celebrates traditional dishes and a robust banchan menu that includes, but is not limited to, four different kimchi, seasoned cucumbers, and stewed potato.

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Inspired by the listening bars of the 1950s in Japan, Temple Records is our interpretation of an ideal bar playing eclectic collection of music while enjoying some cocktails. Temple Records is truly a passion project by BCB3 owners who also operate Somaek, their Korean concept, right next door.

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Sushi @ Temple Records, a subterranean sushi den, where Sushi Chef Kenta Katagai will serve nigiri, moriawase, sashimi, and makimono around a custom 22-seat sushi bar made of Hinoki wood imported from Japan.

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