The New Charcuterie by Jamie Bissonnette

The book celebrates charcuterie in all its forms, preserving and processing meat to create ham, sausages, salami, pastrami, pates, and confit, using all parts of the animal. Designed for the home chef, the book is designed to help home chefs prepare these cured meats at home, adding a level of accessibility to a seemingly daunting task.

Recipes include : Banana Leaf-Wrapped Porchetta, Lebanese Lamb Sausages, Mexican Chorizo, Traditional Saucisson Sec, Simply Perfect Duck Prosciutto, and a classic Chicken liver mousse. 

Jamie can take ordinary food – even odd bits, fifth quarter stuff, the pluck, the viscera, the nasty to some – and make angels weep. That’s real cooking. And it’s why this book belongs stained and used, torn and beaten in the kitchen of every human being who owns a cutting board.
— Andrew Zimmern television personality, chef and host of Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern

Photography by  Ken Goodman

Packed with creative and delicious recipes, step-by-step photography and Jamie’s insider knowledge and signature charm, this book is the only thing you’ll need to make the best charcuterie at home.


Acclaim for The New Charcuterie

"Celebrating charcuterie in all its forms, the book includes more than 100 recipes for cooked charcuterie, offal, cold cuts, cured meats and confit" - The Los Angeles Times

"The world needs more bologna, and Jamie Bissonnette is the man for the job. Jamie is a chef’s chef. He’s dedicated to his craft, generous with his knowledge and cooks the food all of us want to eat. Plus, he’s insanely creative with his charcuterie. I promise you won’t get past page ten of this book without your mouth watering." - David Chang

"This book belongs stained and used, torn and beaten in the kitchen of every human being who owns a cutting board. - Andrew Zimmern, Eater

The publisher came to me because they wanted to make an approachable charcuterie cookbook that people could execute at home,” Bissonnette says. “They didn’t want anything super restaurant-y. Most of the recipes people are going to look at and say, ‘yeah, I could easily do that.’ But they’re interesting combinations. It’s not a guide on how to make things like breakfast sausages or Italian sausages. I wanted to focus on more innovative stuff such as Vietnamese bologna, bacon, and Lebanese-style pork sausage.” Boston Magazine

"I’ve had many of Jamie’s cured meats and they’re like no other: flavors as deeply original and vivid as the chef himself. The New Charcuterie Cookbook is an easy, approachable and stylish handbook that makes any cook and instant expert in the rewarding craft of curing." - Ted Allen, Host of Chopped